CARA Announces Quarterly PURE Award Winners: Allison Black, Jon Oloier, Kate Thoren and Carrie Ann Desnoyers

February 23, 2017

Oak Brook, IL – The CARA Group, Inc., a leading human performance consulting firm, specializing in custom learning, change management and technical communication services, is pleased to announce our fourth quarter 2016 winners of the PURE Service Award (for exceptional service contribution in the categories of Professionalism, Understanding, Responsibility and Excellence.)

The following CARA consultants represent those who have won the PURE award.

Allison Black is an eLearning Developer and Voiceover Artist. Allison joined the CARA team in 2011 and has been a strong consultant for the past six years. Her flexibility and talent has allowed her to work across industries and on varying teams – large and small. She has represented CARA at companies such as Zebra Technologies, Motorola Solutions, Astellas Pharma, and most recently The American Society for Quality.

Here are some comments from Allison’s project managers:

“Alison is a wonderful person to work with, a true professional. I really appreciate that she actually reads all of the script carefully before recording it, so she can apply the correct intonation and produce audio that sounds as if she really understands what she reads, and sometimes there’s a lot of technical stuff in our scripts. Moreover, she records alternative versions of the same file whenever she sees a potential mistake or has doubts, so we can choose the best option ourselves.”

“Allison has been doing a great job narrating our scripts. She delivers the content in a natural voice with changes in tone and inflection at appropriate moments that makes you feel like she is talking to you instead of at you. I don’t know if she understands the technical content in our courses and scripts but when she records them she really sounds like she does. That gives the training a more personal feel and connection I think is important. Her professionalism attention to detail and quick turn arounds are really appreciated.”


Jon Oloier is an Instructional Design and Development, Voiceover, and Course Implementation Consultant who has been a part of the CARA team since 2010. Jon has been responsible for organizing, producing, and delivering projects from start to finish. His creativity shines through on every project he’s worked on and he truly strives to connect with each client he works with. His wide range of talents and industry knowledge has made him an invaluable resource.

Here are some comments from Jon’s project managers:

“(Jon) has made a difference towards our field sales leaders – the podcasts, the elearnings, learning and re-learning EAOT, being able to compress a timeline a full 30 days! (His) work to support major initiatives helped enable huge change in compensation to a very large system. (His) support of Amy allowed her to focus on getting other stakeholders aligned and gather their content while you pulled everything together. (Jon’s) work on the EAOT was especially appreciated. This does not touch upon all the other projects but please know we are appreciative of (Jon’s) contributions.”

“Jon’s extra effort to get the project up and running on time was needed! His continued support of this key initiative helped us position our field leaders for success.”


Kate Thoren is an Instructional Design Consultant who has been part of the CARA team for the past four years. Her knowledge and experience with the technology industry has allowed her to join teams quickly and lead them to success.

Here are some comments from Kate’s project managers:

“We definitely appreciated all the hard work (Kate) put into the storyboard and the weekly reports! I’ve enjoyed working with (Kate) and look forward to the next project.”

“(Kate’s) done a really phenomenal job putting this whole project together. I am able to give reign to my inner perfectionist, since there are no major issues in the first place!”


Carrie Ann Desnoyers is a eLearning Developer and an Instructional Design Team Lead who has been a part of the CARA team for three years. Her in-depth knowledge of graphic design, content development, technical writing, and leadership skills make her a great team-lead or project manager.

Here are some comments from Carrie Ann’s project managers:

“These interactions are awesome. Great job.”

“Carrie Ann works diligently and effectively under pressure . . . she is a calming force and a talented Instructional Design Consultant.”


THANK YOU Allison, Jon, Kate and Carrie Ann for consistently demonstrating CARA’s PURE Values, delivering the highest quality of service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

CARA’s PURE Service Program provides a unique way to measure success and evaluate how well our consultants’ service delivery meets our clients’ needs. CARA’s service delivery process is based on the PURE service philosophy and consultants are reviewed quarterly based on how well they demonstrate our PURE values: Professionalism, Understanding, Responsibility and Excellence. CARA’s consultants are nominated based on client feedback, PURE evaluations, and team interaction with the consultants. After careful consideration of each candidate, CARA selects the PURE award recipients. The PURE award program is the foundation of CARA’s culture, aligning us with our clients and consultants’ values in service excellence.


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