Change Management…simplified

by Nicole Chiscon

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Nicole DuranHello everyone, my name is Nicole Duran and I am a new Service Delivery Manager at The CARA Group.? A few months ago, I was asked to write a blog about Change Management.? I know the basics about Change Management and thought this would be a great way to learn more on the topic. I started my research by looking at the formal theories, models and methodologies that are out there and being discussed in the field.? But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know what our own experts at CARA thought about it.? I wanted to hear from them on their opinions about change and find out about their own experiences.? Essentially I was looking for a simplified outlook and decided the best way to find that was to talk to the people that have lived change initiatives and find out what they thought.

I have captured my findings below and I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Faith Fuqua-Purvis

Faith Fuqua-Purvis
CARA Consultant

What is your definition of Change Management? To me change management is very simple, it took me many, many years to come up with this definition but it?s about moving people from where they are to where the business needs them to be.? That?s it.? That can mean many, many things but it is simple-moving people from where they are to where the business needs them to be.To hear more from Faith, click here for a 3 minute video interview.

Neil Grant

Neil Grant
CARA Consultant

What does an external consultant need to be successful when working on a change initiative? I think the external consultant has to have an internal champion and internal resources that are committed to it, see it and perhaps can buddy up and work through partnership to taking the organization through the change process.To see more from Neil, click here for a 2 minute video interview.
Sheila Burgess

Sheila Burgess
CARA Consultant

What role does a learning professional play in change management? The learning professional is a part of the change effort.? Learning is all about helping people understand new concepts and adapt new behaviors and that is essentially a key component of change management.? By integrating change into the materials rather than just conveying information, people will understand the change and be more likely to adapt to the change.? So for instance, as opposed to just communicating how to execute steps in a system implementation training, include the WIFM (or What?s In It For Me) and you have included a critical element to change management.? People are more likely to adopt change when they understand what?s in it for them.To see more from Sheila, click here for a 3 minute video interview.

Here are the top three things I learned from the team at CARA:

  • Change Management is very simple when you break it down however it can make or break a project?s success.
  • Learning and change really do go hand in hand for a successful project and as long as communication is open and fluid, both groups are able to make positive impacts.
  • Having a leader within the company on your side is extremely important to the change being adopted.
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Join the conversation!? What are your thoughts on the importance of change management?

2 thoughts on “Change Management…simplified”

  1. It is tempting to agree that the concept of Change Management is a simple one. Rather, it is easy to describe each aspect of the change process. But because there are so many permutations of these simple variables – and because change involves human beings who, let’s face it, complicate everything – effective management of change can be extremely challenging.

    Managing change requires people skills of the highest magnitude: active listening, empathetic communication, the ability to both educate and motivate, to sympathize that change is challenging while insisting that it is necessary and expected.

    Among other things, a change manager needs to:

    o listen to input from stakeholders
    o define the need (quantitatively, if possible)
    o design a solution
    o persuade diverse audiences that success depends on them
    o clearly and specifically instruct each group
    o assess continuously whether the plan is working
    o adjust direction as needed

    These skills are largely the same as those required to design and implement an effective training program. That, I would argue, is why CARA is well-positioned to assist organizations with their change initiatives.

  2. Thank you, Bill, for your insightful comment! Change Managers apply a process and tools, but those who are truly successful have the business maturity and leadership skills to apply the process in a complex and often challenging client environment. At CARA, we call this combination professionalism, understanding, responsibility, and excellence “PURE” and agree that these characteristics are necessary to deliver any human performance solution.

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