Organizations Don’t Change – People Do

by Jane Ehrenstrom

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If a business transformation or any change project within an organization doesn’t seem to be on track, leaders have to look at the people within the organization.

If you have followed CARA’s postings on change management, you’ll see a variety of thought leadership articles on why 70% of change projects fail. The most common reason cited is that people are resistant to change. We don’t think so.

This video uses examples from CARA’s own organization to demonstrate how our consultants adapt constantly and what we do to prepare them for success with each new project.

To hear from CARA’s Service Delivery Managers Susan Beyers, Nicole Chiscon and Susan Schneider, please click on the image below.

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We welcome your thoughts on people’s resistance to change and the opinions expressed in this video blog. Is there anything you would add? Do you agree or disagree with any of the key elements discussed? Let us know!

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About Jane Ehrenstrom

Jane Ehrenstrom, co-founder and Senior Vice President of The CARA Group, Inc., is responsible for human resources, corporate culture and marketing communications for the firm. In this capacity, she develops corporate strategies and coordinates resources to present a consistent and compelling message to the market.