PURE Service Program

Defining How CARA Does Business

CARA’s PURE values of Professionalism, Understanding, Responsibility and Excellence are the foundational values we expect of everyone at CARA in order to deliver the level of service our clients expect. Our values define how CARA does business, including how we select, measure and recognize our consultants.

And, we understand that the only way to measure true success is through customer satisfaction. At CARA, we have two sets of customers—our clients and our consultants. We designed the PURE Service Program to address the needs of both.

Recruit the Best

CARA’s PURE Service Program begins with the goal of recruiting experienced consultants who have a track record of demonstrating our PURE values. To ensure that we present only highly qualified professionals who embody our values, our professional consultants must pass rigorous recruiting screens including comprehensive interviews, technical skill evaluations, and both reference and background checks.

Evaluate Consistently

CARA is committed to consistently delivering outstanding service that exceeds expectations. Frequent touchpoints throughout the engagement help us ensure ongoing satisfaction. At the end of the project, CARA provides opportunities for more formal, structured feedback through our PURE evaluation surveys sent to both clients and consultants. We use this feedback to measure how well we are meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, and where we may need to focus additional efforts to maintain an excellent level of service.

Recognize and Reward

We believe that our quality engagements should directly contribute to client and consultant productivity and growth. One way to do this is to ensure we provide interesting and challenging opportunities for our consultants. Another is to give them continued support while on the job.

The CARA PURE Award is one way we recognize and reward outstanding performance. This highly regarded award recognizes extraordinary consultants who go above and beyond to help our clients achieve their business goals through demonstration of our PURE values. The award consists of a monetary component and recognition component. At a lunch in the consultant’s honor, recognition is bestowed upon the consultant with a personally engraved trophy. The consultant’s name and date of the PURE Award is also engraved on a plaque displayed at the CARA office and the consultant is recognized in a published press release.

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