CARA Delivers Flexible Change Management Team


This organization is a global bank offering retail banking, wealth management, and investment banking services to millions of customers in multiple countries. It has over 40,000 employees and more than $500 billion in banking assets.


Banking and financial services are among the most highly-regulated, fiercely competitive, and constantly evolving industries in the world. Due to changing government regulations, our client is experiencing constant change involving new technology roll-outs and updates, updated compliance procedures, internal process changes, and customer service enhancements. This client has a well-developed, internal, dedicated change management team with a sophisticated change management methodology. However, this in-house change management team has been overwhelmed with business and IT requests for change management support for these ongoing critical change initiatives.


Starting in 2014, CARA has provided a team of change management professionals – up to six at one time – who worked on-site to augment the capabilities of the client’s in-house change management team. These CARA consultants supported a range of IT projects involving system upgrades and replacements, automation, data standardization, employee advocacy of products/services, etc. They learned and fully leveraged the client’s change management methodology, while also aligning to the client’s culture and navigating through client politics.  Their activities included: stakeholder analysis; change communication; project visioning statements; leadership engagement; job/role impact assessments; change readiness assessments; training support; and post implementation and sustainment activities.


CARA’s change management consultants successfully supported over 15 projects and integrated seamlessly with the client’s change management team, employees, and other outside consultants.

These projects added value to both employees and external customers via legacy systems replacements, increased bank automation, customer service improvements, data warehousing enhancements and active employee engagement.  All focused on helping our client enable their business strategy to surpass the competition in providing their customers better services and products.

Per the head of the client’s change management team, “During the past two years, I’ve seen high caliber skills and professionalism among the CARA team members. They demonstrate that they understand our industry, and most important, they understand our culture and our specific change management methodology. I have the confidence that they will meld with my team on every project, embracing rather than seeking to change our culture, and requiring very little supervision to get the job done right time after time.”

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