What Does The Modern Learner Mean to You as a Learning Professional?

By Eileen Terrell

The Modern Learner is a topic that is getting buzz in the Learning and Development field. Three key questions for you to consider.

1. How do learning professionals describe and educate clients about The Modern Learner?

2. How should skills and knowledge evolve to support The Modern Learner?

3. What can you do to help organizations support The Modern Learner?

First, educate yourself. Bersin by Deloitte’s “Meet The Modern Learner Infographic,” is a great starting place. Per Deloitte today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted, and have 1% of their time in a typical workweek to focus on training and development. Continue to research and speak with other learning professionals to increase your knowledge and expertise about The Modern Learner. When speaking with your client about their business needs, leverage this opportunity to educate them on possibilities for an approach that supports The Modern Learner.

Deloitte Infographic - CARA version

Second, consider what is the analysis or validation phase for learning? What additional questions will you ask or assumptions will you make? How will you design learning solutions that engage the distracted learner? How do you design smaller chunks without compromising the integrity of learning? What are tips/techniques for developing ILT and eLearning when the employees only have approximately 30 minutes max a week for learning.

Finally, what can you do to help organizations support The Modern Learner? Consider providing a variety of delivery options. We’ve all worked with SMEs that provide enough content for several hours of training. How do you help them parse information so that it can be digested into smaller chunks? You can start by discussing with your SMEs how to differentiate content between needs to know now versus needs to know later. Partnering with a Change Consultant is another option to consider when designing and developing for The Modern Learner. The partnership between learning and change demonstrates a holistic approach to ensure that learning really does impact performance on the job, and ultimately business results.

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