CARA Announces New VP of Marketing – Matt Diamanti

December 19, 2018

Oak Brook, IL – The CARA Group is pleased to announce the hiring of Matt Diamanti to the position of Vice President of Marketing, effective December, 2018.  Matt reports to CARA’s President and CEO, Michelle Reid-Powell. In this role, he is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies that showcase CARA’s commitment to creating performance solutions that empower the workforce of the future.

“Matt is an authority on digital thinking, customer experience, and marketing – exactly the skills we need to position our company for future growth. He’s also an inspirational leader who exemplifies CARA’s values: Professionalism, Understanding, Responsibility and Excellence. I am excited to have Matt on the leadership team and look forward to his contributions to our growth,” said Michelle Reid-Powell

Prior to joining CARA, Matt spent 20 years leading product, design, and marketing teams for Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare and education industries such as McGraw-Hill Education, where he was VP of New Product Innovation, and the Mayo Clinic, where he was a Senior Director of User Experience and Creative Services. Throughout his career Matt has focused on helping teams utilize customer research to understand and perfect the full customer journey from initial marketing promotions to customer service resolution. He has a master’s degree in human-centered design from the Institute of Design.

About CARA

CARA helps employees adapt to changes, learn new skills and abilities, and align on expectations.  In short, CARA consulting solutions help people perform.  We are thought partners, strategists, designers, developers, technologists, trainers and technical writers, with deep expertise in the human side of business performance.  Because the best way to develop the business is to develop the people who make it work.

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