CARA Announces Quarterly PURE Award Winners: Heather Jencks, Jay Nolte, Andy Rix, and Lisa Steinhardt

February 11, 2019

Oak Brook, Illinois – The CARA Group, Inc., a leading human performance consulting firm, specializing in custom learning, change management and technical communication services, is pleased to announce our 2018 fourth quarter winners of the PURE Service Award. The following CARA consultants are the recipients of the PURE award.

Heather Jencks is an organizational development, learning, and leadership development consultant with over 15 years of business experience.  Her experience in corporate team building and learning strategy allows her to create effective solutions that bring teams together. Heather has worked with CARA at several different clients to help lead their organizations towards sustainable high-performance.

Heather’s recent Project Manager shared the following comments:

The quality of Heather’s work greatly exceeded my expectations. The effort she showed researching the finance function to understand key skillsets was impressive. I have recommended that CARA assist in building our global finance academy.

Jay Nolte is a multimedia development consultant with over 25 years of business experience. He believes that by working closely with his clients, together they can bring the most engaging and innovative ideas to life. Jay has been a partner with CARA since 2012 working with various clients including Walgreens, American Society for Quality (ASQ), and Mars, Inc. He is a consummate professional with a depth of expertise in art direction, graphic design, illustration, 2D/3D animation, eLearning development, and video production.

Jay’s recent Project Manager shared the following comments:

Jay Nolte has demonstrated incredible value to our internal team and our stakeholders. Because of his unique background and experiences, he offers creative consulting and direction above and beyond that of a typical eLearning developer. His partnership has allowed us to deliver high quality, visually engaging, immersive learning solutions to our business. He proactively communicates, flags risks and delivers on time. He’s everything you want in a learning consultant. I look forward to submitting his digital simulations for awards in 2019.

Andy Rix is a is a senior OCM consultant with over 20 years of business experience. He excels at engaging leadership, managing stakeholders, and assessing readiness for change and change impact to the organization. Clients appreciate his thought partnership and calm confidence as he focuses on the people side of complex change initiatives.


Andy’s recent Project Manager shared the following comments:

Andy has done a tremendous job in helping us understand what good looks like re OCM.  He delivers on product and understands/is able to meet the needs of the organization re change communication and producing content (sticking around to do the work instead of adding to people’s workload).  Our stakeholders see Andy’s efforts as value add.  Andy takes feedback well and is receptive to understanding and adjusting based on the needs of the stakeholders.

Lisa Steinhardt is a senior OCM consultant with over 15 years of business experience. Clients value her ability to quickly assimilate into their project and culture, partner with project teams to understand their needs, and develop effective strategies to deliver value. Lisa excels at providing data-driven analysis, trend identification and insight generation critical to understanding and mitigating change resistance.

Lisa’s recent Project Manager shared the following comments:

Lisa was hired to help lead Change Management efforts for a specific project, but her reach has expanded throughout my Change Management team. In just a few short weeks on the team, Lisa demonstrated Professionalism and Understanding of the PURE values by fully understanding the project, what we were trying to do, creating and sending deliverable for VP review, and had fully acclimated into the team. I have never had a consultant do that so quickly and so efficiently and it created incredible value and trust not only with me, but our project partners. Lisa is incredibly talented, she can anticipate my needs even before I ask for them.  I am fortunate that I have and will continue to work with Lisa into 2019. She is a highly valuable, intelligent, and hardworking Change Management professional with an incredible skill set and everyone should jump at the chance to work with her.

THANK YOU Heather, Jay, Andy, and Lisa for consistently demonstrating CARA’s PURE values, delivering the highest quality of service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

CARA’s PURE Service Program provides a unique way to measure success and evaluate how well our consultants’ service delivery meets our clients’ needs. CARA’s service delivery process is based on the PURE service philosophy and consultants are reviewed quarterly based on how well they demonstrate our PURE values: Professionalism, Understanding, Responsibility and Excellence. CARA’s consultants are nominated based on client feedback, PURE evaluations, and team interaction with the consultants. After careful consideration of each candidate, CARA selects the PURE award recipients. The PURE award program is the foundation of CARA’s culture, aligning us with our clients’ and consultants’ values in service excellence.

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