October 2010

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From Knowledge Management to Informal Learning

Social media technologies have created a vast digital learning ground. The sheer accessibility and collaborative development of information today stands in stark contrast to recent trends in corporate knowledge management. Explore with CARA the similarities and differences between current informal learning and knowledge management principles and get insights into how businesses can take the best of both to better educate and nurture employees. Read more.

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Pulse Survey:

Is informal learning the new school of corporate training? We want to know what you think. Take our 5-minute survey today and be entered into a drawing to win an Apple iPad!

Team Spotlight

Meet Melissa Berg!

Our “first responder” to CARA consultants in the field, Melissa is an integral member of the team supporting critical corporate operations with finesse! Meet Melissa.

Case Study

Enhancing SharePoint Administrator Training for the Real Estate Management Industry

With a goal of enhancing an instructor-led course for SharePoint administrators, CARA's instructional designers developed a design framework resulting in a course with more interactivity for the learner and a more effective overall learning experience. Learn more.

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More Competition for Jobs—Bring It On

10 Tips from Recruiters to Get & Keep You in the Job Search Game

As if the recession wasn’t tough enough, now job seekers have a jobless recovery to endure. And while “jobless” may be an exaggeration, today’s slightly improved employment numbers have only increased, rather than relieved, the competition in the job market. Read more.

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“[CARA’s team member] showed a tremendous work ethic and commitment to a successful deployment of this first phase of Finance Transformation, and I am certain that without their quality contributions we would not have been nearly as successful as I think we have been.”

Director, Finance Transformation International Manufacturer


Welcome to Eolas!

Inspiration. It’s a concept that applies to many areas of life. In the world of corporate learning, inspiring our teams to embrace learning—for better performance—is our ultimate mission. Considering the many moving parts in a typical day, the ways in which we inspire our teams to learn and to increase knowledge is a challenge that continues to gain ground and importance.

Tweets, tags, blogs, Facebook posts—the ever-present and growing phenomenon of social media are among the moving parts and have had a huge impact on the current learning landscape. In fact, in this issue of Eolas, we pick up our discussion on informal learning and take it one step forward to further examine how this method is impacting corporate training programs.

Here we explore how informal learning is growing, in part, out of the knowledge management movement. We talk about the differences in the two approaches, as well as the similar goals each strategy shares in the overarching mission of knowledge sharing. Most importantly, we suggest lessons in information sharing and knowledge management that embrace the learning environment today in an effort to fuel the minds and performance of teams into the future. We encourage you to read more in our feature article, “From Knowledge Management to Informal Learning: Exploring the Path from Controlling Content to Collaboration.”

To further explore how the world of learning is evolving, CARA developed a survey to take a pulse on just how—or if—informal learning is impacting formal corporate training programs. We invite you to consider how your organization is adapting and keeping pace with the current learning landscape by participating in our 5-minute survey. Your responses will help define the role of learning in driving business advancement today and its direction in the near future. We look forward to sharing the survey results in our next issue of Eolas.

It’s no secret that partnering with our clients to meet their corporate learning needs is CARA’s top priority. Fostering our ability to achieve in this area are some valuable team members who work “behind the scenes” supporting our consultants and others who work more directly with our clients. In this issue’s Team Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Melissa Berg. As the “Newbie CARA Enthusiast and Support Champion in Training,” she exemplifies what it takes to fully sustain our efforts to successfully serve clients.

As always, we strive to hold up our commitment to pass along valuable information, insightful trends and techniques to help our clients’ efforts in corporate learning through Eolas. To that end, this issue also brings you links to resources that offer relevant industry information like the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference being held October 25, 2010 for which CARA is the Platinum Sponsor. We also share a relevant client case study that details how we helped enhance SharePoint Administrator training for a more effective learning experience as well as a glimpse into happenings at CARA.

Thank you for taking time to read our latest issue of Eolas. Please feel free to share this newsletter with colleagues and we certainly welcome your ideas and topic suggestions for future issues.


Jane Ehrenstrom
Senior Vice President of The CARA Group, Inc.

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